A Master Artist makes Masterpieces of Art from Your Wedding Day| Artist Maggie Smith Kühn

We’d like to introduce you to artist Maggie Smith Kuhn.

Everyone knows about the need for photography at your wedding – or even/also videography – but what about having an artist, LIVE PAINTING portions of your wedding day? What does that even look like?

It gloriously looks like THIS:

Live painting is a specialty service where a fine artist paints the scene around them as the scene is happening. It requires a painter who is extremely fast, makes quick decisions, and is comfortable with a live engaged audience.

Maggie is an artist based in Atlanta, Ga, who paints your event while guests watch her work. The painting usually includes the guests of honor, the venue and party details, and renderings of important guests. Before the end of the night, Maggie will finish your painting and display it to you and your guests. You get to take the completed painting home at the end of the night!

Maggie offers watercolor, acrylic, and watercolor guest favor live event packages. Check out these blog examples for each kind of package, to get a better understanding of the differences:

I know what you’re thinking – YOU HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! Like…

  • How long does the artwork take?
    • Drawings generally take 2-3 hours, watercolors take 3-4 hours, and acrylic paintings require me to set up before the event, so I can get in a full 5 hours to finish the work. No matter how long your event is, however, I will make sure the artwork is completed and perfect before you receive it, even if that means an overnight trip to my studio! However, I have never yet had to take a painting home for overnight work! I just leave it as an option, in case I ever run across an evening so complex and crazy that it needs more time.
  • What materials do you use for the artwork?
    • All of my materials are archival and museum quality, so that your painting or drawing is heirloom quality. Drawings are created on cold-press archival cotton paper, with charcoal/ink and fixative, watercolors are created on cold-press archival cotton paper with winsor & newton watercolor paint, and acrylic paintings are created on stretched cotton canvas with golden artist acrylic paint and winsor & newton professional acrylic paint.
  • Does the artwork come framed?
    • The acrylic paintings are finished on a canvas that you could potentially hang on your wall, the minute you get home. It’s up to you how/if you want to frame them. The watercolors and the drawings will require framing, for the artwork’s protection from damage and for proper display.

  • Do you need the venue to bring anything for you?
    • I bring all my own gear, including my easel, painting table, materials, a light to see by, and a water jar! All I need is a place to get water (which is never a problem) and an electrical outlet close by, in case I need to plug in my light.

  • Are you willing to travel?
    • Of course! If the drive is over an hour from my home-base of Atlanta, Ga, I only ask that my travel costs be covered by the client. If the venue is more than three hours away by car, the client must provide a plane ticket, and a hotel room for one night if I can’t catch a red-eye after the event is over.
  • I want you to paint my wedding ceremony. Can you?
    • Sometimes. Longer ceremonies mean I have enough time to draw all the bridesmaids/groomsmen/officiant/bride/groom/ audience before everyone disperses for the cocktail hour. If your ceremony is short and sweet, you’ll be much happier booking me for the reception instead!

  • You offer a package where you paint the ceremony AND the reception, but you say it’s by circumstance only, what does that mean?
    • If the ceremony is long (longer than 15 min) and the venues of the ceremony and the reception are less than a mile apart, then I can paint two watercolor paintings on your big night. This is a rare and difficult thing to do, so I have to discuss the venue and timing with each individual bride before I agree to this particular package. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time for me to start and finish the ceremony painting, travel to the reception, and start and finish the reception painting too. I want to make sure every event painting is perfect!
  • I have a small event, with a conservative budget, but I still want a painting. Do you offer special deals?
    • I can create smaller artwork for private parties, intimate family weddings, or even just a holiday party at home. Contact me with your situation and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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